I’m an adventurous, energetic father of two with a wonderful wife and a love of the outdoors.  I grew up on the south shore of Lake Superior where I enjoyed all of the outdoor activities that area has to offer.  My family and I are avid rock climbers, runners, bikers, and hikers.  My goal in life is pretty simple: enjoy it with my family.


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  1. Danny

    Have you ever tried “all natural shoes” like indian moccasins with a rawhide sole instead of rubber?….and how do they compare with softstars or luna sandals?

    I am so paranoid these days of all the toxins that go into producing plastics and anti microbial products, that I’d like to support a company that uses all natural materials and makes a quality product. I’ve seen a few hemp derived products, but most get terrible reviews and are unsuitable for all but casual wear. Can you help?….



    I’m interested in a shoe and a sandal.

    -luna sandals
    -the idea of softstars (though i think they are butt ugly)
    -josef seibel carson sandals (most comfortable I’ve ever worn)

    I want an all purpose shoe for casual, running, and hiking

    • Growing up between two Indian reservations, traditional moccasins were common. I liked them but most all did not give my toes enough room. I completely understand your concern about toxins and have these suggestions.

      Sandals: Order a pair of Luna sandals that have the cordovan leather top, yes it is very expensive, but the leather feels and looks great and is extremely tough. It is untreated and is as pure as it gets. BTW I wear mine to church because they are my fancy sandals.

      Shoes: Soft Star shoes are the way to go. While sometimes perceived as ugly, they are your best bet from a shoe perspective. I say this for two reasons. There are much more expensive options with similar quality or cheaper options that aren’t worth the money. Here are my two bits of advice. If you are wearing pants than go with a suede pair of roo’s. Opt for their tough leather sole. These look good with pants and will not be a concern from a toxicity perspective. Short are a bit tougher and I would actually suggest Luna’s with shorts and roo’s with pants but the Soft Star Dash are ok with shorts too. They do look a bit different but not as much as the roo’s do. Again, you can get the tough leather sole option. No one has ever approached me and asked about my Soft Star Dash so I’m assuming that I’m either too unapproachable or they don’t look that strange.

      One note on traditional moccasins. Most have some sort of commercial aspect to them, decorative beads, rubber soles, etc. These are all too narrow in the toe and not good for running. “Real” moccasins can be custom made but you are just better off with Soft Star since theirs are proven.

      I hope this helps.

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