Pah Tempe Long Term Test – Final

Final Thoughts
The Pah Tempe can be summed up in one word – EASY.  This is the thought that comes to mind most while wearing them.  They are easy to put on, easy to adjust, easy to run in, easy, easy, easy.  I like them for casual use but LOVE them for running.  The level of comfort is amazing.  All of the straps are soft against your feet and I have never had any chafing or strap pain. 

No toe strap

Toe will occasionally catch and fold under (read on to see my modifications)


If you are new to minimalist footwear or don’t like toe straps than the Pah Tempe is for you.  There are many other companies like Luna, Invisible Shoes, and Bedrock  to name a few but none offer the toe strap free design.  I personally own 3 different Luna sandals and love them all especially the originals but none compare to ease of use and comfort (especially while running)

Many people have asked if the newflex will mold to your foot.  The answer: Yes! I have to say that they are more comfortable now than when I first received them and love they they are “my foot”

Final Review Time
As a tester, I take the testing of the shoes that are given to me seriously.  All other reviews are just impressions right when they get them. What happens after a year, what about two. Did they fall apart or wear out? After 2.5 years of daily abuse in every possible situation, my Pah Tempe sandals are still going strong. In fact, they are probably better now than they were when they were new.

Check out my video review for the Pah Tempe sandals and watch why  I think they are the best minimalist running sandal on the market.



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One response to “Pah Tempe Long Term Test – Final

  1. MG

    Wow, this has been incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for the time you spent putting together such a comprehensive long term review.

    I had been looking for a replacement to my Chacos, and had a pair of Wakova feathers from 2012 that I didn’t like because 1) really homemade looking 2) really floppy with lots of foldover. I never gave them a chance to mold to my foot, and then two years later the dog ate them. But as a result of that limited experience, I thought Unshoes might be too DIY-looking for me.

    After looking at their website and then seeing this review, I’m probably going to take a chance on these (or the PT Sleeks). I’ve found that thong-style sandals (like my Lunas with ATS laces) are almost useless in mud or even when they get wet, so I’m hoping these will stay put better. Glad to see they have been serving you well these past years, and thanks again!

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