Original RunAmoc 1 Year Update

Since most reviews stop after their initial testing, leaving the long term performance in question, I wanted to show the full life cycle of my favorite shoe.  The Soft Star RunAmoc SMOOTH has been my primary shoe for the past year.  I have logged about 500 running miles and over 800 walking/hiking miles in the past year in them.  There was never a single time that I wished for a more substantial shoe.  I was concerned many times that I was going to get hurt due to the thin sole, but it never happened.  I carried a 50 lbs pack and a 30 lb 2 year old over crushed granite while backpacking and came out feeling great.

Overall Impression
The RunAmoc is one of the few products I have encountered where its value far exceeds the cost.  My pair has seen daily use for a year.  That is a year of running, hiking, walking, climbing, digging, building, traveling and generally being abused.  I don’t baby these, and they don’t seem to mind the abuse.  A quick wipe with a damp cloth and they are good enough for the office again.  I have raved about these throughout my long term testing so I will leave those thoughts there.  What I want to highlight here is what happened over the year period.  The sole wore out.  Yep, that’s it.  Post done.

Seriously, the shoe is almost exactly the same as it was when it was new.  The leather is perfect, the stitching is still intact, the sole is still attached.  In a couple of months I’m going to have to replace the sole but that is a minor cost compared to buying a new shoe.

Ok, it wasn’t really all unicorns and rainbows.  I did have two issues over the year.  The first was the insole.  Yes, all RunAmoc’s have insoles.  Mine was glued in, and after 7 months the glue started to fail at the heel (Soft Star now stitches the insoles in, fixing the problem).  The second issue I had was with the leather stretching.  Leather has the amazing ability to stretch and take the shape of your foot.  However, this can be a double edged sword.  My pair stretched too much in the heel which allowed my foot to slip back too far.  I fixed this by copying the dash heel cup.  The added piece of leather greatly helped the heel issue.

What I really loved about my RunAmoc’s was how wearable they were.  I could wear them to the office, come home, take them for a run and then wear them to dig post holes.  I have spilled 218 degree boiling sap on them, dumped red paint on them, played in the rain, worked in the mud and literally destroyed them many, many times.  In all cases, a wipe with a damp rag cleaned the leather and a squirt from the garden hose cleaned the sole.  I can’t think of any other shoe that could have survived this type of abuse and continued to look like they were new.

Leather after 14 months of constant use still looks great

Almost worn through the sole

Almost worn through the heel

Heel detail, note that the leather is starting to wear now that the sole is thin



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5 responses to “Original RunAmoc 1 Year Update

  1. Eric Villanueva

    Good review! I also have had my Runamocs for over a year as of last October. The 2mm sole on mine needed to be replaced at the year mark and I happened to find a coworker whose husband is a cobbler. He did an amazing job and charged less than half another cobbler quoted me. I see you did Stone Mountain. He’s local so if you haven’t already done the replacement I can give you his info.

  2. AJ

    How does the 2mm sole compare in terms of flexibility? Is it the same rubber compound as the 5mm sole or is it stiffer, thereby negating the ground-feel benefits of its added thinness? I want to get which ever sole is most flexible!

    • The 2mm is stiffer and actually feel less barefoot like. The extra thickness of the 5mm is completely countered by the additional flexibility. Both are great but I like the flexibility of the 5mm.

  3. Rebeccah

    Very good to know, I had been wondering similarly.

    So, is it a 5mm sole that is wearing out after a year, or a 2mm sole?

    • 5mm. After lots of other testing I would recommend the 5mm to everyone because while the 2mm sole is good it allows the sides of the shoe to touch the ground and cause the leather to fail. This is not a problem with the 5mm for a long time.

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