Girl Sandals

Before I get into my new project I wanted to get a few smaller projects out of the way.  I have loved my Luna’s but felt a bit selfish being the only one to enjoy them.  I had the material and some super soft deer hides (thanks dad) so I decided that I wouldn’t be the only one to enjoy these fine sandals. First, I made my daughter a pair because she runs with us every night and didn’t really have a good running shoe.

I made her a cute pink pair and she loves them.

Not to be left out, my wife received two pairs. The first one was ok, just an average brown, but I went all out on the second pair and made them purple.

Comfortable, versatile and stylish. Enjoy your sandals girls.

My son was sad not to get a pair because I ran out of material. Luckily he loves his zebra shoes and didn’t feel too bad. I’m planning on using my wife’s first brown sandals and converting them into a bright yellow pair for him.

My son and I having fun with his zebra shoes on.


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