Luna Sandal Review Summary

I’m about to switch gears and start a new project but I thought after so many posts about my Luna’s it would be helpful to summarize my experience and put everything in one place.

In my experience there are three aspects that make a huarache or Luna sandal

Each of these three work together and can dictate weather you love your sandals or hate them.  Laces come in three varieties:

  1. Elastic – Quick and easy to put on, these laces provide the least security but are great for casual wear.  Since they are elastic there is a constant snugness that I am not overly fond of.  My Equus sandals (which I don’t run in) have the 5/8″ Equus laces and I find them to be the most stylish and publicly accepted option.
  2. Leather – Comes in different sizes and colors.  In my opinion, this is the best overall option.  They are aesthetically pleasing, secure, and comfortable.  Since they are inelastic they allow for a looser fit without sacrificing security.  I like both the 1/4″ and 10mm laces.  Most people will get used to either just fine.
  3. Wool, hemp, rope, etc.  This is sort of the other category.  Since I haven’t tried the hemp I can’t comment personally, but from what others have said they work great and are comfortable.  From my experience with the wool laces I can attest to the fact that there is nothing more comfortable to wear.  Style and security may be half a notch below the leather but the comfort fully makes up for that.

The sole options have gone through a transformation.  When Ted started he had the Originals, then added the Equus and the Leadville’s.  I actually have all three so I will give a short summary of each.

  1. Originals – 6mm neoprene.  It is the original for a reason and is still one of my favorites.  The neoprene has the right combination of flexibility and thinness to provide great ground feel and allow for natural foot movement.
  2. Equus – 2mm rubber and 2mm cordovan.  The cordovan feels amazing but is stiff.  Moisturizing it helps but I am not a fan of stiff and thin.  These sandals look great and have become my church sandals.
  3. Leadville – 10mm newflex.  10mm!!  That is what I said, but the properties of this sole are deceiving.  The material is extremely light and flexible.  Ground feel is better than the Originals but in a muted sort of way.  It is hard to explain but I’m excited that Luna is taking this amazing (and very expensive) material and using the 8mm and 5mm versions.  The Leadville Pacer is being made in my shop now and I’m excited to test it out.  I think that this is the sort of natural progression that comes through testing and striving to create the best sandal on earth.

Once you have decided on the right lace and the right sole the last part is to connect them all together.  My advice – experiment – a lot.  In the end I went with the very standard tying method (the way the Equus are tied on Luna’s website).  I don’t wrap or double up just lace them and tie it off.  I cut all my laces so there is no extra cord since my new knot design will allow for many more miles of wear and I don’t have to worry about knot breakage.

After several months of wearing these exclusively, my originals have molded to my feet and feel like an extension of my foot in a way.  My advice, if you are looking at getting a pair of Luna sandals, is to get the originals with the 1/4″ leather lace.  This is the cheapest way into a truly magnificent sandal.



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3 responses to “Luna Sandal Review Summary

  1. Tj Wolters

    Totally agree with you. Have used the originals with elastic laces and enjoy them, but mostly for casual use and light running. I bought the 1/4 leather laces and feel much more secure and work well for the 6mm and 8mm.


  2. I bought Luna’s DIY kit with the 6mm Neo, black leather footbed, and 1/4″ leather laces. Try as I might I couldn’t find a way to tie them that would be comfortable, after a short while wearing them I felt like the circulation between my toes was being cut off. But I did like the barefoot feeling wearing them. So I bought a pair of the factory originals with leather top and ATS laces. They were more comfortable but I still had some discomfort in the beginning. Then I went back to the DIY pair and cut the laces in half to tie them with the short slip on method. Now I think that my problem was simply getting used to wearing them. I can now wear ether pair all day long with no discomfort and actually prefer having the laces on the tight side. The DIY pair is actually more comfortable than the factory pair, they are cut to my exact foot size with no overhand, and have molded themselves to my feet. The factory pair are a bit too large and should be trimmed a bit. Also the ATS laces don’t stay tight and the heel strap eventually slips down, especially when I’m wearing slacks. No such problems with the DIY sandals. I’m tempted to remove the ATS laces and replace them with the leather ones, maybe the Leadvilles. I’d also like to trim them down, but I’d be afraid of ruining them considering their expense compared to the kit ones.

    In any case, I am now a total sandal nut as I would rather not wear socks and shoes any more when not required. Maybe I’ll get another DIY kit with the Leadville soles and laces in the near future.

    • Thanks for the comment. I love my Luna’s (all 3 pairs) but tying is by far the hardest part. You have to get used to it and learn to tie it right. Once both have been accomplished you are golden.

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