Huarache Tying 101

I mentioned last post about feeling comfortable in my Luna sandals.  It had a lot to do with the tying of them and I wanted to share my success to help others.  This is not a tutorial on how to tie your Luna’s (Huarache’s) you can find that HERE and HERE.  This post will help those new to tying understand what each part of the lacing does and how to adjust it for a perfect fit.

Tying should be simple, there are only three parts to deal with.  Somehow after the 300th time tying mine it was still NOT simple.  (but it is now) Lets look at the three parts.

Toe Strap – This part is only useful in keeping the sandal on your foot.  Think of this as the part that controls flop.  The toe strap DOES NOT keep your foot from sliding forward!  Tie this tight and your foot will never leave the sandal.  Loosen it up untill it is comfortable but not overly sloppy and floppy.

Heel Strap – The heel strap keeps your foot from sliding back.  It is important to have this tighter than you might think.  Keeping the toe strap firmly between the crack of your toe will be more comfortable and will reduce chafing.  Play with tension a bit, I have found that I rarely over tighten the heel strap.

Midfoot Strap – This strap is the key to tying success.  It is also more complex due to two factors.  Tension and location.  The midfoot strap keeps the heel locked in place both vertically (down) and horizontally (sliding forward).  Look at the picture, notice that the knot can slide along the toe strap.  Moving the knot towards the toe opens up the foot and allows more movement.  Sliding it back towards the heel locks the foot in place.  The tension magnifies what the location is doing.

Trouble Shooting

Heel strap falls off
– Slide midfoot strap knot further towards heel

Toe strap rubs toes
– Tighten heel strap
– Use narrower strap (see picture below)

Foot does not feel secure
– Tighten midfoot strap

In the end, I found that a slightly looser approached works better for me.  I start with the toe strap loose enough that the sandal will “just dangle”.  Then I tighten the heel strap so that the toe strap is deep into my toe crack, but just before it becomes painful.  Finally, the midfoot strap is tied off.  It is not tight or loose just tied.  Fit is then determined by the location of the knot on the toe strap.  For sprints I move it as far towards the heel as possible.  For walking I move it more towards the toe to loosen up the feel.

Average tying

Very loose casual fit. Notice location of midfoot strap

If the toe strap hurts choose a smaller lace or make it smaller (pictured: 5/8" Equus lace wrapped in wool yarn)

Note:  Use an inelastic strap until you learn how to tie.  I started trying to learn with the Equus laces and became very frustrated.  The 1/4″ leather, hemp, or wool laces make learning to tie much easier.



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5 responses to “Huarache Tying 101

  1. Diane

    This is awesome. It has taken me so much trial and error to figure this out myself. It would be nice if this information explaining how the laces actually work was more available at the beginning from the various sites that sell huaraches. It would have saved me a lot of pain!

  2. Adam

    Is there anywhere you can buy the elasticized leather strapping for the laces without buying the Lunas?

  3. Christian Lemburg

    Great advice! Thanks very much for the insight. That really helped me figure out what to do with my heel strap which kept sliding off.

  4. Years later, I want to thank you for your explanation. I’m going to try adjusting them again tonight (my feet keep sliding forward)

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