Epiphany of sorts


Two great things happened this week.

First and probably the biggest is that I finally feel totally comfortable in my Luna’s.  It was a very sudden change and took a rather long time to get there (4 weeks of daily use).  I always felt a little insecure in them, like they might fall off at any moment.  This caused me to tense up and not stride naturally.  I have played with lacing endlessly and am finally confidant that I can run without concern.

The transformation on how they feel is nothing short of amazing.  I now feel like I am running barefoot all the time.  Graceful and free.  The sandals are almost unnoticeable beneath my feet.  It also helps that the foot bed is smooth and supple and starting to take the shape of my foot.

The second great epiphany came when lacing up with the wool laces again.  I have never liked the double strap on my heel due to the tenancy of one of them falling.  The wool is so soft and supple that I realized that I could wrap them to create one larger heel strap.  Perfect!  Then I realized that I would wrap the wool everywhere and it would lock itself into place and not require a knot to tie it off.  Now I have super comfortable slip on luna’s that have no knot anywhere.  Very clean looking.

I am very happy with these sandals.  More than I could have imagined several months ago.

Very clean lines with no knot anywhere
1 Month Update – Now silky smooth

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One response to “Epiphany of sorts

  1. I’ve found the same exact thing even with my leather laces about wrapping it around the heel strap. I do a sort of weave pattern between the two laces, just behind the outer ankle of each foot. The weave doesn’t go all the way to the heal, and I find that I hardly notice the extra material here, but the weave keeps the two straps together and acting as one all the time. Also avoids me having to tie the lace off somewhere, and I think looks a lot better, and is a lot sturdier than having the little slip not loop above your foot. I made a (not very good) video of my tying method with my invisible shoe huaraches and polyester lacing, but I do the same thing with my lunas and leather:

    Thanks for sharing!

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