Luna leather lace review

I finally spent some considerable time in the leather lace options.  I spent my vacation in nothing but the 1/4″ leather laces and some time before and after in the 10mm leather.

Leather summary
Both laces gave a very secure feeling.  I don’t know that the 10mm leather is necessary but they do have a more substantial look and feel to them  The 1/4″ laces were slightly more comfortable and felt like less like you were strapped in for battle.  The 1/4″ laces were also easier to tie in two regards.  First they were easier to get laces right.  The slip on method worked well with them.  The slip on method did not work well with the 10mm laces due to the thickness of the laces.  The bottom heel strap tended to fall off if the tension wasn’t just right.  Second, the knot used to tie off the end of the 10mm leather is much bigger and often caused issues, not so on the 1/4″.

Pros of the leather laces

  • Provided the most secure feel
  • Looked “fancier” than other lace options
  • Don’t stretch

Cons of the leather laces

  • Not quite as soft and comfortable as other options
  • Tying can be quite difficult to get right because they don’t stretch.  You have to get it just right which can take multiple attempts.
  • Caused minor chafing while running longer distances.  (I’m sure I would toughen up to this)

If I were to get only one I would go for the 1/4″ leather.  They perform as well as the 10mm without some of the tying and comfort issues I found with the additional size of the leadville laces.  With that said, I am currently using the 10mm laces and may find a better way to tie them that works for me.  I’m glad I got both.  (Update)  I finally found a method that works for me with the leadville laces.  I’m starting to like these more and more.


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One response to “Luna leather lace review

  1. Diane

    I agree with you that the 1/4″ laces are totally sufficient, more comfortable and easier to tie. I have the 10mm Leadville laces and this is how I’ve figured out how to tie them. It’s pretty complicated but basically I just wrap around and around and it makes this pattern. It’s the only way I can deal with the laces because I can’t tie a little loop knot or anything and I really don’t want to cut the laces shorter.

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