Luna Sandal Knot Fix

I have been feeling like the princess and the pea lately.  The knot on my Luna’s really bothers me, especially while walking.  Even when very small the knot hits the joint of my toe and causes a bit of discomfort.

I have come up with a knot fix for all of the types of laces.  Now, with the new method the knot should not only last much longer but will also not provide any “bump” to step on.  The best part is that this is easy, cheap, and quick.  Here is what you will need.

  • Plastic epoxy (available at any home depot)
  • Pliers
  • Nail, staple or wire (basically any small bendable piece of metal)

I had some heavy duty staples so I used those but any type of thin 1″ long metal should work.  It just needs to be able to be bent.  Bend half of the metal into a u shape.  Slide it over your lace and bend the other half over the first half.  See photos below.  Once it is secured I usually use my pliers to smash it down flatter before adding the plastic epoxy.  The plastic epoxy serves two purposes.  First, it helps to secure the metal and second, it helps extend the life of the knot.



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2 responses to “Luna Sandal Knot Fix

  1. Interesting.
    It seems Luna are doing something like this on their new models…

    • Yep, seems like natural evolution of things. I noticed most others moving to this material too. It is expensive but really provides the perfect combination of flexibility and ground feel.

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