Equus Sandal Break In

This is a slight divergence from the Original Luna long term testing but I wanted to show everyone something amazing.  Anyone with the Equus sandals has made the same sort of comment.

They go something like this

  • They are so hard
  • They are so stiff
  • They feel like plastic
  • I can’t feel the ground

I felt the same when I got mine.  For the price I was completely underwhelmed.  I decided to play with them a bit and noticed that the rubber sole was actually very flexible.  The leather was stiff!  I have worked with leather over the years and have used leather that was initially stiff but after working it and moisturizing it, it has become soft and supple.

The fix for stiff Equus sandals

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Get a bottle of leather conditioner and rub it all over the Equus foot bed.  It is very dry so poor it on very liberally and repeat often.  I did mine about 3 times and it was still sucking the conditioner in.  Two very noticeable things happened.  The color was amazing.  No more cheap plastic look, this was the Equus that you paid for.  Secondly, and most important, the flexibility has improved.  A lot.  They don’t compare to the ground feel of the originals but they are sooo much better than they came from Luna.  I’m calling this my Luna Hack.
The same thing applies to the Equus laces.  From Luna they are rough and abrasive, but after a little conditioning they are soft and supple.  Still not my favorite lace but much better than before.

Note on leather conditioner:  Allow all leather items to dry for 3 days after conditioning to allow the leather to absorb and seal itself.  You can use them earlier but they will be sticky and you will discolor them.


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  1. hotshot bald cop

    My ideas exactly!

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