Running for fun in Luna Sandals

I have been running almost every day since I got my Luna’s.  Not all are long or fast but it feels good to get out each day.  Actually, I have been running consistently for about a year.  What was new with my Luna’s was the freedom of it.  Leaving my house with nothing more than a pair of running short and a thin sheet of rubber on my feet is freeing after being burdened by so much stuff.  By stuff I mean I never leave the house without a cellphone, wallet, knife, and keys.  On work days add to that water, lunch, computer, watch, files, and backpack and I start to feel like a pack mule.  While my Luna sandals are generally less comfortable (Luna’s with wool laces excluded) than my RunAmoc’s, they are much more freeing.

I have been running with my wool laces this week and want to expand more on these but I will wait until the end of the week due to some recent experimentation with them.

Wool Laces

What I became keenly aware of yesterday was the cut of my Luna’s.

Luna’s can be custom cut based on an outline sent to Luna.  They cut what you trace and in my case I could have traced a little better.  Actually, it depends on what you want to do with them.  Mine are great for the road.  They are narrow and fit my foot and have nothing extra on them.  My downfall was that I traced under my arch a bit.  Not a big deal on pavement but while running over poky grass my toes and arch got jabbed.  I am planning a 15k later this year that is on rocky trails and I don’t know if my arch is too exposed.  My point is that if you are tracing your foot make sure to think about what type of terrain you will be running on.  A little extra on the toes and instep would be appreciated.

My Wall-E Story
I went for a run with the dogs last night.  While on this run I came across an all too common sight in my town.

Walking the dog

I didn’t have my camera with but I wish I did.  A lady came up behind be who was walking her dog by driving her golf cart while talking on the phone WHILE sipping a 96 oz soda.  It was disgusting to watch but I was happy that I was running so I picked up the pace and left the sad sight in my dust.

For reference, in my town, golf carts are like cars.  Check out these photos to see what I mean link.  Here is the high school parking lot.

Yes these are all golf carts


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