Equus Lace Weekend

Continuing my long term Original Luna Sandals review.  The past weekend I decided to spend the entire weekend in my Luna’s fitted with the 5/8″ Equus laces.

Friday was not a good day for me and Equus laces.

Grumpy Friday

I spent nearly as much time fiddling with them as I did wearing them.  My wife and kids were sick of me constantly tying and re-tying them.  They stopped playing with me and pretended that I wasn’t there anymore.  First they were too loose and my right heel was falling off the back.  To prevent this I laced them tighter and tighter until they were in the right place.  By now they were so tight that my feet hurt.  We ended the night doing yard work and even with them super tight my foot could still slide completely off of them.  I was determined to spend the weekend adjusting them until I got them right.

Saturday I spent about 45 min tying and re-tying using different methods and placements.  By noon I had it figured out.   My final method looks like this.

Alternate Equus tying

I put the final knot on the side which allows the strap connecting to the toe strap to move with my foot a bit.  I did a shorter 20 min run in these and they did well.  The IPTP is less noticeable but still uncomfortable.  After wearing them all day the IPTP was sort of deadened.  It was still there but it was as if my body just decided to ignore it.  I really like the look and wearability of the Equus laces but I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them for more technical activities.  They are great for casual wear though.

I wanted to use the Equus for my longer run but couldn’t get myself to do it.  The wool laces were calling me.  I laced them up and took off.  Ahhh…..the soothing feel of wool between your toes.  After a weekend in the Equus the wool felt magnificent.  However, a couple miles in I noticed that the wool had stretched out a little and my right sandal was starting to flop.  I stopped and retied and had no problems the rest of the run.  I think that the wool actually needs a break in period.  After being felted I think that there is a period of restretching before they stabilize.  I also noticed that I can’t synch the wool too tight.  The are comfortable no matter how tight they are tied.  This makes tying really easy.  Simply pull them tight and tie them off for the perfect fit.

I will be switching to the leather laces this week after they dry.  I wanted the leather to be as soft as possible so while conditioning some other leather goods, I dipped the 1/4″ and 3/8″ leather laces in some of this.

Leather Conditioner

It will take 3 days for the leather to dry out so it will give me some time to run in the wool laces.  (More on these laces in another post)

To finish it off, my one week update:

Original Luna's at 1 week

Beautiful aren’t they.  I will start talking about the actual sandals more once I get the laces figured out, but over all they feel like you are barefoot with really tough feet.


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