Luna Laces

When I started looking at getting a pair of Luna sandals I first had to decide which model to get.  Once I did that I found that there were lots of lace options.  I searched for reviews on each but it seemed to be a personal preference.

Original Luna’s with 5/8″ Equus Laces

I took my Luna’s out on a 3 mile run yesterday.  I didn’t want to repeat the prior days experience with the in between the toe pain (IBTTP) so I set off with 3 sets of laces.

  • 5/8″ Equus elasticized laces
  • 1/4″ black leather
  • 1/4″ Felted wool laces

5/8″ Equus elasticized laces
I ran the first mile in the 5/8″ Equus.  I like these laces the best due to their ease of wear and more beefy look.  You can get away wearing these in public and not get any funny stares.  The first half mile was great.  The leather is not uncomfortable against your skin but it is noticeably there.  While not rough on the skin it does have a texture that reminds you that they are there.  For this run I tied them fairly snug.  I preferred the snug fit over the loose fit as there was no flopping.  The laces never dug in and even though they were quite snug were still very comfortable.  At about the mile mark I noticed the toe rubbing again but this time on my right foot.  I’m thinking that this rubbing/pain is due to the angle and tension of tying.  I could have kept going but decided to stop and switch laces.

1/4″ black leather
I swapped out the Equus laces for the thinner leather ones.  My tying needs some improvement but I figured out a decent way to tie them.  My first few steps were an amazing joy.  While comfortable, the elasticized Equus laces were much more claustrophobic than the leather laces.  I ran for about a mile and had no issues with these laces at all.  I see why burbonfeet uses these to race in.  The short mile made me realize 4 things.

  1. The smaller diameter leather was much more comfortable between my toes
  2. Tying the lace around your ankle helps to stabilize the shoe in a way that the Equus can’t
  3. Since the leather doesn’t stretch the sandal feels looser while still being secured well to the foot

1/4″ Felted wool laces
I didn’t want to take the1/4″ leather laces off but due to my poor tying ability they sort of fell off.  Rather than retie them I decided to swap to the wool laces.

Wow!  Seriously WOW!

It was like curling up with a snuggie on the couch, like having a piece of silk rubbed against your foot, like getting a Swedish massage.  Ok, it wasn’t really like any of those things but it was pure running heaven.  The properties of wool worked perfectly here.  They were soft and secure feeling.  They stretched a little but not too much.  They tied well and caused no problems at all.  I couldn’t help feel like the three little bears at this point.  Equus was too tight, leather was too loose, and wool was just right.

I can’t underestimate how comfortable these were.  I would say running in a pair of socks would be 10x more uncomfortable than the comfort provided by these laces.  I wanted to keep running because my feet felt so great but the lightning was getting closer so I thought I should get home.

Lace Summary
To sum up these three laces I would say that the 5/8″ Equus laces were comfortable, the 1/4″ leather laces were great, and the 1/4″ wool were perfect.  The Equus was secure feeling but a bit more confining feeling due to the elastic.  I could see these being great after I get used to them.  To me these laces look the best and for casual use will be my number one choice.  The 1/4″ leather was great in use and I have no complaints.  I would use these in a race any day.  I don’t think I would pick these for casual wear due to the tying issue.  The wool laces were absolutely a dream to wear and I couldn’t imagine anything better.  They do look a little different so that may be an issue for some.  If you are ok with the hemp than you should be ok with the wool.  If you don’t mind giving off a hippie vibe than these are the laces for you.

Tying notes:  I know many people like the toe strap to run straight up but I prefer the angled approach so far.  I don’t like the knot on top of the bone on my foot and it seems to fit into the space next to that bone.  I also have problems with my foot sliding to the inside with the toe strap running vertically.  Running it at an angle helps to keep my foot in the correct place.  See picture above.

Take the Luna Lace Poll below to see what others like.

Which laces do you prefer


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