Luna Sandals Review

The time has finally come.  My beloved RunAmoc’s are starting to feel like a wet blanket in this 100 degree 97% humidity summer and my feet are screaming to be set free.  When it comes to minimalist sandals Barefoot Ted’s Luna sandal company is the premier place to go.  I have debated purchasing a pair for about a year now and finally pulled the trigger.  I read a lot of reviews about Luna sandals but none really gave the full story.  For all of the wanna be Luna fans I am embarking on a long term test of my Original Luna sandals.  I will update this blog as often as possible.  I will do my best to show how I transitioned into these and the struggles along the way.  When I’m done I hope there is no question about what owning a pair of Luna’s is really like.

The test: Original Luna Sandals


  • 5/8″ Equus elasticized laces
  • 1/2″ Equus elasticized laces
  • 1/4″ black leather
  • 3/8″ black leadville leather
  • 1/4″ Felted wool laces
  • Other laces after I test these

I wasn’t sure which lace I would like best so I decided to get an assortment.  Of all the laces I am the most excited about the felted wool laces.  I have read many stories about laces cutting and causing pain.  I was lucky enough to have my friend over at send me a pair of her amazing felted wool laces for this test.  Since wool is one of my favorite things and I can’t see it cutting into my toes like the leather might, I am excited to get these on my feet and give them a good testing.


The crew at Luna sandal was very busy and my order took almost 2 weeks to receive (a week longer than normal).  My first impression after pulling them out of the box was “wow, they look small” followed by “wow, they are really light” and finally “wow they are flexible”.  Yes, that was three wow’s.  I have size 13 feet so all of my shoes always look like clown shoes.  For some reason the sandals looked more like a regular persons shoe.  I quickly tried them on and they fit my foot perfectly. (custom foot tracing highly recommended)

Besides being light, flexible and fitting perfectly they looked very nice.  The leather was nice the edges were cut perfectly.  They looked and felt like I got my money’s worth.  My wife’s first reaction “Great, more ugly shoes?”

First Run

I decided to take it really easy at first.  I played with the 5/8″ Equus elasticized laces and ended up tying them rather loose.  I ran about a mile and noticed two things.  The loose tying allowed the sole to catch air and separate from the ball of my foot.  This was not a bad thing just different.  The second thing I noticed is that my form was much more apparent.  As in my bad form became clearer and more noticeable.  I have an imbalance in my stride.  I do something different with my left foot that causes more heat than my right.  While running I noticed that my right foot landed almost silently while my left slapped the ground.

After an easy mile I started to get some rubbing between my left toe.  The right however felt perfect.  After another 30 steps the left began to get much worse.  It suddenly felt like the plastic compression piece that folds the strap was cutting my toes.  3 more steps and now it felt like a screwdriver was being driven into my 2nd toe.  I stop and walk.  The pain is gone.  Run and I get the screwdriver, walk and its gone.  I opt to walk home.  My first task will be to replace the plastic compression piece with a softer smooth fabric piece and try again.  Right now I am dreaming of the wool laces.

First success – My wife says “They actually look nice on your feet”

Fit notes:  5/8″ Equus elasticized laces with the toe strap running diagonally towards my outer ankle bone.  Tied very loose, toe strap had almost no tension on it at all.

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