Random thoughts about running

Recently I looked back on the past six months.  I was astounded at the changes that had occurred.  Overall, I feel much better now than I did 6 months ago.  Here is what changed:

  • Started running
  • Running in my RunAmoc’s
  • Eating less meat
  • Eating more fruits and veggies
  • Most everything is now organic
  • Completely cut out all high fructose corn syrup
  • Started baking all of our own bread
  • Replaced most plastic storage containers with glass
  • Started carpooling
  • Consistently stretch each day
  • Got back into rock climbing

My wife has commented that I seem much happier and nicer now than I used to be.  (Gee thanks)  When I look at this list I see three definite factors that have helped to improve my physical and mental well being.

  1. Improved diet
  2. Increased exercise
  3. Reduced stress

Overall I have felt much happier.  I have also not had any back pain for six months.  After switching to an office job, back pain has plagued me.  Ditching my regular shoes has also made a huge difference.  I now feel much more connected and solid.  It is hard to explain but strong feet seem to effect your whole body.  I think the strong feet in combination with the stretching have helped my back.

Half a weeks veggies

I’m not sure if it was the chicken or the egg but running has made me “want” to eat better and eating better has made me feel more like running.  These two really made a difference but the stretching really completed the picture.  Stretching is something that I usually hate to do and now look forward to it.  It makes me feel loose and relaxed.  It makes sleeping SO much more comfortable too.

It is funny that none of the changes were really decisions, as in New Years resolution decisions.  They were natural progressions through listening to our bodies.  It all started with an email about the Warrior Dash.  We thought it looked fun so we signed up.  We started running, first on 1/2 a mile, then 1 mile, and on it went.  My wife soon had so much pain running that she said she was done running for good.  She switched to a pair of KSO’s and tried again.  This time there was no pain and she felt great.  I picked up a pair of RunAmoc’s and running became fun.  I mean truly fun.  The kind of fun that puts a smile on your face and keeps you running longer than you had planned.  The rest sort of fell in place and here we are 6 months later happy as can be.


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