Free Luna sandals No Way!

I was about to pull the trigger and finally purchase a pair of Luna sandals after years of watching Ted test and create his Luna sandal.  Before, I did I noticed this.  One of my favorite blogs is giving away a free pair.

Winning is always better than buying right.



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2 responses to “Free Luna sandals No Way!

  1. Just saw your post about Patricks blog giveaway. It was me that actually won it. Well I didn’t win it – my friend Robert did, but he said in his comment that if he won then he would give them to me. 🙂

    I have both the Equus and the originals and I agree with you on all your points actually. Hate the Equus lacing, haven’t managed to find a way to wear them without cutting my feet or them falling off.

    I love the originals with the leather laces. I am using Patricks method of tying them and I have had no problems. I know lots of people have issues with tying them. I have given up on the elastic laces and have taken them off. I now have the wool/hemp lacing on the Equus footbed and I am going to try them out tomorrow. I am finding the Eqqus footbed a little firmer – although they are thinner I feel as if I am not getting the same groundfeel. I am thinking that will change though when they have broken in. Fingers crossed.

    I am also getting a pair of invisible shoes soon, so I am going to see how they compare.

    I am currently injured (ran like a lunatic at a local mountain trail race and broke my knee during a descent) and it’s REALLY hard waiting for the okay to start running again. (I have been jogging a little – a few steps chasing my little one. Shh, just don’t tell the orthopaedic surgeon!)

    I found you via your blog tags. I help run the “Run Smiley” campaign. It’s nice to meet a fellow smiley runner. Loving your posts, I’ll be coming back and seeing how you are getting on.

    Glad I found you

    • Kate, thanks for the reply and congrats for sort of winning. In regards to Luna sandals two words change everything – Leather Conditioner. Put it on everything, laces, Equus foot bed, your cat. Ok, maybe not but cat but it completely transforms the Equus foot bed and Equus laces. The Equus foot bed is so stiff because the leather is so dry. Get it moisturized and the flexibility increases substantially.

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