RunAmocs have magic powers

RunAmocs have magic powers?  Yes that is the only way I can figure out how they made this shoe work.  Let me digress before I continue.  I spent 3 yrs as a Vasque shoe tester and saw many shoe designs.  All of the designs were attempts to make the shoe more comfortable or to prevent some problem from happening.  There were many attempts designed to hold the foot in the shoe better.  Mainly this consisted of tongue, lacing, or heel cup changes.  All of the design changes eventually made it to production and were generally good but the RunAmocs perform superior to them all.  What blows my mind is that all of the changes to the Vasque shoes were attempts to ADD to the design.  Add support, add padding, add lacing, tension, plastic…….you get the picture.  I have so many good Vasques that they make up my entire outdoor shoe collection, until last year when I tried my first pair of minimalist shoes.

Enough history, on to the magic powers.  Here is what I can’t understand.  The RunAmoc is essentially a flat piece of rubber with enough leather sown on to keep it on your foot.  This shoe should slip and slide and flop all over.  It doesn’t have any of the fancy features of other shoes.  Almost unbelievable it stays put.  It doesn’t slip on steep descents, it doesn’t slip on steep climbs, it doesn’t flop around, and it doesn’t fall off.  From walking to sprinting up or down hills it is magically magnetized to your foot.  Furthermore, it is quiet, comfortable, arguable stylish, and I rarely get trail debris in the cuff even though it is wide open.

I don’t understand it nor do I care to.  I’m just happy to run and enjoy the magic.

(Stay tuned, later in the week I will post lots of RunAmoc style pictures, basically me wearing them with lots of different types of clothes)


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  1. Jeff L.

    I agree with you, these are great shoes. I finally realized the genius of them: The upper is simply a way to hold protection to your foot. Similar (but probably better) than similarly thick huarache sandals. Keep posting your great columns.

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