Why I chose Soft Star RunAmocs

With so many ‘minimalist’ shoes flooding the market why did I choose the RunAmocs?  I’m a practical person and I don’t have the budget to buy a shoe for every occasion.  I wanted something that was versatile and comfortable.  This was primarily going to be my running shoe but since I didn’t really have a casual shoe either I wanted it to work for both.

Criteria (In this order):

  • Wide roomy toe box
  • Thin flexible sole (no support)
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Affordable

The options that made my short list:

  • KSO
  • Trail Glove
  • RunAmocs
  • Evo
  • ZEM

It came down to the KSO and the RunAmocs.  I ruled out the ZEM for durability, the Evo for price, the trail glove, well just because.  The KSO has some durability issues and in the end I really didn’t ‘need’ separate toes.  The RunAmocs didn’t have any strikes against them.  Buyers remorse?  NO WAY!  They have fully lived up to the reviews and my expectations.

Additional benefits I wasn’t expecting that come with the RunAmoc are the comfort and the quiet.

When I say comfort it is on a differnt level than normal shoe comfort.  It is slipper comfy or barefoot comfy.  The first shoe that I didn’t take off to watch a movie comfy.  They are also great to wear before, during and after a run.  No more switching in to flip flops after a run.

Quiet is probably an understatement.  These are ninja quiet.  I was running a long stretch today on asphalt and couldn’t hear my foot hit the asphalt.  Running with bad form can make them slap a bit but with a quick light form they are silent,…..seriously.  It is a bit strange, being almost weightless and silent makes running feel more effortless, like gliding rather than running.  It felt like I was on one of those moving walkways in the airport.

Not being able to feel or hear your shoe has been my favorite unknown benefit of owning the RunAmocs.


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