Walking in RunAmocs

I have recently been wearing my dress shoes to work and running after work in my RunAmocs.  I have been doing this to keep the leather from absorbing too much foot moisture during the day.  What I noticed was that after wearing nothing but my RunAmocs for a week, that wearing heeled dress shoes felt awkward to walk in.  I had a hard time with my stride being as fluid and smooth as while wearing my RunAmocs.

The reason for this post is that many people have never walked in minimalist shoes and I was reminded today what that was like.  After wearing dress shoes all day I decided it was time to get some fresh air and go for a walk.  I slipped on my RunAmocs and smiled because they felt so good.  As I took my first couple of steps I realized that I felt awkward walking in my RunAmocs.  I quickly regained my fluid, effortless gait but it reminded me of my first walk in minimalist shoes.  So here is what to expect when switching.

You will instinctively misjudge the ground and smash your heel into the pavement.  My first couple of steps caused me to instantly notice my feet and foot placement.  I had never done this before but now it was all I could think about.  1/4 mile later and I thought my heel was getting bruised so I started moving my weight forward.  The problem with this is that you can not take as long of strides and end up looking strange walking on your toes.  Overtime however, you will realize that you can walk heel to toe but you have to relearn the height of your stride.  Think of it this way.  Walking in high heels is not smooth or efficient.  The further you get from heels the smoother you can be.  As soon as you learn to walk in RunAmocs you will never want to walk in “walking shoes” again.  The difference is in the foot placement.  Once you get your stride down you will gently place your heel on the ground and start adding weight while rolling forward.  It feels like you are gliding (similar to cross country skiing) rather than stomping.

If you are a walker and thinking about the RunAmocs I would definitely recommend them.  There will be a transition period where you will be sore and feel awkward but after a month in RunAmocs I guarantee you will toss your walking shoes (mine were redeployed as my mowing shoes).


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