Brain vs Body

I have recently become aware of the decisions I have made in the past and notice that most decisions are made either by the brain or by the body.  The funny thing is that the brain usually makes the wrong decision.  Think about this.  You are hungry and you decide to eat 2 donuts.  Regardless if they are good or bad for you think about what your brain says and what your body says.  Your brain says eat these they taste good, they have lots of energy.  Now after 60 min what is your body saying.  It’s funny that the brain is really a survival mastermind.  It says, don’t work, rest, eat more.  It says this because it is in survival mode 24/7.  Resting and eating are great when your survival depends on hunting and gathering your food with uncertain weather and the risk of famine.  Your body however is always consistent.  It always tells you the truth, but the brain is the lying interpreter.  I have found that the more you listen to your body the easier it is to ignore your brain.

I basically started taking mental notes when I felt bad and decided to avoid that in the future.  Some things to avoid are junk food, inactivity, too much tv, too little sleep.  Some things I have learned, fruits and vegetables make me feel good and can be eaten anytime.  Salad for breakfast? Yep.  Exercise can be hard but makes you feel good.  It’s strange that our body tells us that we are full but we decide to keep eating.


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