I don’t have any addictions to speak of but I think I do have an addiction to being obsessed over something. Ask my wife, I have been obsessed over something at every point in our marriage. For me it helps me feel alive and involved with giving my life purpose. Its never anything overly weird but more of a quest for knowledge obsession.  Here is a quick rundown of the notable things that have held my attention over the years (roughly in order of time)

  • Rotary Engines
  • Turbos
  • Cactus
  • Monolithic Domes
  • Real estate
  • Metal
  • Food
  • Feet/Shoes

So this list needs to be explained to free myself from any criticism from being weird.  I’ll try to keep it brief as I tend not to do.

Rotary Engines – such as the RX-7 and RX-8 have.  I got into these in my engineering classes and thought it was the best thing ever.  To me it seemed to be  the best thing ever.  An engine smaller than a geo metro engine could be more powerful than a big block V8.  It just seemed so amazing.  I became set on finding an RX-7 to buy.  Concequently, my practical side won out and I bought a Ford Taurus wagon.

Turbos – Stemming from my classwork and rotaries I then became interested in turbos.  These also seemed to defy the laws that most engines obeyed.  Bigger = More HP.  Strap on a turbo to that same geo metro engine and you could keep up with some sports cars.  After bailing on my RX-7 idea I was set on getting a Turbo charged car.  Again, my practical side won out.  However, years later I did get a Saab 9-5 turbo and loved every minute of it.  My verdict on this one stays the same.  Turbos rule.

Cactus – Ok, this one is probably the weirdest.  I went on spring break to the southwest and came home obsessed with cactus.  It had to be that they were so different and unique.   I started growing the most unique and rare cactus from seed under my dorm bed.  Others grow weed, I grew cactus.   This obsession lasted until most of them froze during one cold WI winter where my heater went out.  Some survived and I still have them growing in my house.

Monolithic Domes – I’m still obsessed with these but just not so vocal with it.  Monolithic domes have to be the coolest thing ever.  This must be my engineering side talking but they are super efficient, strong, easy to build, cheap to insure and all around unique and awesome.  Still planning on building one some day.

Real estate – This one too I still hold onto.  My wife and I both love homes.  If we could move every year to a new house we would because houses are so cool.

Metal – Metal is everywhere and I am not generally obsessed with metal.  Again my engineering side is obsessed with specific properties of specialty metals.  Look back at the history of Damascus swords and tell me that metal is not fascinating.  For me pre-bessimer tool steel holds a special place for the obsession.  This steel is no longer made, it is  cheap to buy and superior in function to even the best of the current tool steel.  Enough said, I’m a value guy and I get excited easily.

Food – So not technically an obsession the excessive list of ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce in simple foods got me excited, but not in the good way.  I started looking at all of the food our family ate and was appalled by the amount of chemicals and general junk was in our food.  This obsession has naturally lessened as we switched to foods that did not contain all of the ‘junk’.

Feet/Shoes – This is the latest craze I have jumped on.  I started this as a fact finding mission after my wife complained about her bunion.  I wanted to know why she had bunions and I didn’t.  Little did I know it would take me into the world of minimalist shoes and barefoot running.  It basically comes down to this.  Shoes are not only uncomfortable but also bad for you.  They give you feet problems and depending on your activity level can cause knee, hip and back problems.  The real issue is that shoes are necessary for a good portion of the year and most all social environments, so my current obsession is to find the footwear that can function properly while fitting the need and occasion.



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